About us

Federation of Turkish Cypriot Students studying in the UK (FTCS-UK) was founded by 229 students studying in different parts of the UK.

FTCS-UK operates in line with the democratic will of the students, free from any political connections. Its management is determined through the choices that students participate and works to become a permanent part of the Turkish Cypriot social life as a constant follower of students’ rights.

Our Aims

Among the aims of FTCS-UK are these:

  • To develop a solidarity and community feeling among Turkish Cypriot students studying in the UK.
  • To bring up adaptation difficulties.
  • Organizing events.
  • To defend the rights of students before the TRNC government, especially the scholarship.
  • Lobbying on issues involving Turkish Cypriot students with the UK government and other relevant organizations.
  • To establish a network of Turkish Cypriot graduates and students.
  • Helping young people who are thinking about studying in the UK.
  • To ensure the active participation of Turkish Cypriots in student communities at universities.
  • Carrying out relations with other student organizations.